How to marshal an aircraft

It’s all very well marshalling your colleagues, but how will Ian cope with a real Boeing 747?

In Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport we saw aircraft Marshaller Ian learn to guide an aircraft on to its stand the old-fashioned way.

These days airliners at Heathrow generally arrive at the gate unaided, using electronic wizardry known as a Stand Entry Guidance (SEG) system. But our Airside Safety professionals still need to learn the old-style ‘table tennis bats’, just in case. And now, so can you.

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It’s back! TV documentary goes behind the scenes at Heathrow

Filming with Sue and Demi
Filming in Terminal 2 with Sue and Demi, Passenger Experience Managers

It’s access all areas as the documentary series Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport returns to TV. Over six weeks you’ll share in the dramas and lighter moments of airport life.

We asked Line Director James Mudie, of production company Raw TV who filmed the show, what it took to bring Series 4 to the screen.

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