Andrea Black

Angela Black’s emotionally charged songs are full of stories you can’t help but listen to.

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Listening to her extensive back catalogue (2,000 songs at last count) you might hear elements of Joni Mitchell, Cheryl Crowe, Sade or Kate Bush.

According to her social media profile she “covers all genres in a jazzy way”.

Nottingham-born Andrea’s earliest influences were the South American songs she learned from her Chilean mother.

She studied drama and developed her songwriting talents, learning guitar and piano, discovering flamenco and jazz, before signing with heavy metal label GWR and finding success in Japan.

Later, in San Francisco, she met the blues legend John Lee Hooker and spent some time as his house guest. That led to her opening for Eric Burdon at a festival in the city.

Since then she has collaborated with artists including Slipper, Mike Bell and Robert Logan (as The Black Loganberries). Logan has said: “Her songs are poetic, sensitive and intricately beautiful, and they occupy a creative dream space that very few people find.”

In 2019 Andrea releases her new album, Harvest Gold, produced by Paul Hirsh.

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