Meet the curly cows keeping Heathrow wild

Close up of Belted Galloway cow
Here’s looking at moo: a young Belted Galloway. All images © Ecology & Habitat Management Ltd team at Heathrow

This handsome beast is one of the “Oreo cookie cows” helping nature to thrive in Heathrow’s little-known wildlife refuges.

The 12 stripy, curly-haired Belted Galloway cattle haven’t just been chosen for their distinctive looks, though. These cows are brilliant at maintaining wildlife habitats — and that’s all down to their eating habits.
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Become a whisky expert in 15 minutes

Whisky Festival banner
Plus: two exclusive distillery tours to be won

May sees the return of our annual Whisky Festival. Once again we’ll be celebrating all things whisky with a perfect blend of tasting events, dining experiences and even a chance to win a VIP distillery tour. But even if you aren’t flying through Heathrow, you needn’t miss out. Here’s how to impress your friends with your whisky knowledge (as well as a home-mixed cocktail or three).

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