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It’s back! TV documentary goes behind the scenes at Heathrow

Filming with Sue and Demi
Filming in Terminal 2 with Sue and Demi, Passenger Experience Managers

It’s access all areas as the documentary series Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport returns to TV. Over six weeks you’ll share in the dramas and lighter moments of airport life.

We asked Line Director James Mudie, of production company Raw TV who filmed the show, what it took to bring Series 4 to the screen.

Q&A: James, Raw TV

How many hours of footage did you shoot? How many made the cut?

Raw filmed three months solidly, with additional days to capture pick-up shots and Qantas’ first non-stop flight from Perth to London. Filming took place between October 2017 and March 2018. Of the 500 hours of material shot, we only use 2hr 20min.

What was the earliest start for the crew? And the latest finish?

Earliest start: 02:30. Latest finish: 01:30. The crew drank 1,200 coffees!

What was the biggest challenge for the crew?

Finding jeopardy in a place that manages to avoid it at all costs.

What was the best part?

It’s always meeting the people, experiencing their dedication to their work and learning more about them.

Any other interesting or unusual facts / discoveries / experiences?

We met Pamela Anderson!
We raced to film the arrival of the I’m A Celebrity winner, only to discover she arrived on the same flight the day before.
We loved seeing a long-distance cyber couple meet for the first time.

How many people were in the Raw team?

  • Ben Phethean and Emma Findlay, Producer-Directors.
  • Jimmy Dallas and Grace Tierney, DV Directors.
  • Angelica Arroyo and Charlotte Bairstow, Researchers.
  • Juliette Murray Topham, Series Producer.
  • Dave Waterman, Series Director.
  • James Mudie, Line Producer.
  • Laura Hodgson, Senior Coordinator.
  • Tom Barry, Executive Producer.
  • Three editors. Six cameras.

Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport

Series 4: Wednesdays on ITV1

The documentary cameras return for a behind-the-scenes look at the people who keep Heathrow running. Meet air traffic controllers, sanitation engineers, Border Force officers and front-line Passenger Experience Managers – and share their daily challenges in this ‘city within a city’ where no two days are alike. Tune in on Wednesdays from 2nd May.

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