Weaving the World – A rich tapestry of plantlife

Botanical Tapestry
A hand-woven installation from Heathrow and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Our latest artistic installation is a giant tapestry in Terminal 2. Designed, developed and assembled by textile artist Vanessa Barragao, ‘Botanical Tapestry’ spans 12 square metres. It is part of our partnership with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and highlights global flora in intricate and colourful detail.

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Birds, bees and flies in disguise: the secret wildlife of Heathrow

From dancing birds to fancy-dress spiders, butterflies to birds of prey, Heathrow is home to a surprising variety of creatures. We asked Heathrow’s Biodiversity Manager, Adam Cheeseman, to lift the lid on the urban wildlife you might not know about.

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Meet the curly cows keeping Heathrow wild

Close up of Belted Galloway cow
Here’s looking at moo: a young Belted Galloway. All images © Ecology & Habitat Management Ltd team at Heathrow

This handsome beast is one of the “Oreo cookie cows” helping nature to thrive in Heathrow’s little-known wildlife refuges.

The 12 stripy, curly-haired Belted Galloway cattle haven’t just been chosen for their distinctive looks, though. These cows are brilliant at maintaining wildlife habitats — and that’s all down to their eating habits.
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