Christmas events to make your journey merrier

Mr Men and Little Miss charactersChristmas comes but once a year. Fortunately, Father Christmas himself is a lot more flexible — and he’s out and about at Heathrow every day in the run-up to 25th December.

We’ll also have carol singers, children’s craft sessions and Mr. Men characters (you might even get to meet their creator!). So when you get to Heathrow this Christmas, you’ll know your holiday has finally begun. Read on to see what’s in store …

Except where stated, all events take place in the departure lounges and are only accessible to passengers.

Santa Claus is coming

Santa and elf meet a young fan

Father Christmas will be out and about the terminals, accompanied by his faithful helper elf. Last-minute Christmas letters, gift ideas, even posing for an ‘elfie’ — don’t be shy, come and say hi!

On most days Santa will visit at least two of our four terminals. Check his timetable below and see where he’ll be on your date of travel.

Santa’s Heathrow timetable, December 2018

Date Where and when
Friday 7th Terminal 3: 12:00–16:00
(before security)
Terminal 2: 17:00–20:00
Saturday 8th Terminal 3: 09:00–11:00
Terminal 5: 15:00–17:00
Sunday 9th Terminal 5: 12:00–16:00
Terminal 4: 17:00–20:00
Monday 10th Terminal 3: 09:00–13:00
Terminal 2: 14:00–17:00
Tuesday 11th Terminal 3: 12:00–16:00
Terminal 4: 17:00–20:00
Wednesday 12th Terminal 2: 09:00–12:00
Terminal 3: 13:00–17:00
Thursday 13th Terminal 5: 09:00—12:00
Terminal 3: 13:00–17:00
Friday 14th Terminal 5: 09:00–13:00
Terminal 2: 14:00–17:00
Saturday 15th Terminal 5: 09:00–12:00
Terminal 3: 13:00–17:00
Sunday 16th Terminal 3: 12:00–16:00
Terminal 4: 17:00–20:00
Monday 17th Terminal 3: 12:00–16:00
Terminal 4: 17:00–20:00
Tuesday 18th Terminal 5: 10:00–14:00
Terminal 2: 15:00–18:00
Wednesday 19th Terminal 5: 09:00–12:00
Terminal 2: 13:00–17:00
Thursday 20th Terminal 3: 12:00–16:00
Terminal 4: 17:00–20:00
Friday 21st Terminal 5: 12:00–16:00
Terminal 3: 17:00–20:00
Saturday 22nd Terminal 5: 09:00–17:00
Sunday 23rd Terminal 5: 09:00–12:00
Terminal 2: 13:00–17:00
Monday 24th Terminal 2: 09:00–12:00
Terminal 4: 13:00–17:00

Meet Mr. Adventure and friends

Adam Hargreaves with children and Mr Men characters

Mr. Adventure and Little Miss Explorer love to travel almost as much as they love meeting little passengers. They’ll be roaming the terminals at Heathrow over the holiday season, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re travelling with your family.

This Christmas they’ll be joined by their creator, Adam Hargreaves, at a series of special appearances. Adam will be drawing and signing Mr. Men pictures for young travellers – who will you choose?

Mr. Men and Little Miss events, December 2018

When Where Who
Friday 7th
Terminal 3
(before security)
Mr. Adventure   Little Miss Explorer   Adam Hargreaves
Saturday 8th
Terminal 4 Mr. Adventure
Wednesday 12th
Terminal 4 Little Miss Explorer
Friday 14th
Terminal 4 Little Miss Explorer  Adam Hargreaves
Sunday 16th
Terminal 5 Little Miss Explorer
Monday 17th
Terminal 5 Mr. Adventure  Adam Hargreaves
Tuesday 18th
Terminal 4 Little Miss Explorer
Wednesday 19th
Terminal 3 Little Miss Explorer
Saturday 22nd
Terminal 2 Mr. Adventure  Adam Hargreaves
Terminal 3 Little Miss Explorer
Monday 24th
Terminal 5 Mr. Adventure

Christmas carols

Carol singers in Terminal 5

Our carollers return to perform in the departure lounges. Join them for some traditional Christmas carols and seasonal songs to put you in the festive mood.

The singers of the Christmas Carol Company will be in departures most days between 7th and 24th December.  We’ll also have performances by our local Salvation Army bands in the check-in areas (before security).

And for our launch event on the 7th in Terminal 3 we’ll be joined by the choirs of Hampton Prep School and St Michael & St Martin School, Hounslow.

Christmas carols at Heathrow, December 2018

Date Where and when
Monday 3rd Terminal 5 (check-in):
Salvation Army 11:30–13:30
Thursday 6th Terminal 4 (check-in)
Salvation Army 17:30–19:30
Friday 7th Terminal 3:  12:00–16:00
(before security)Terminal 2 (check-in):
Salvation Army 17:30–19:30
Saturday 8th Terminal 2: 10:00–14:00
Sunday 9th Terminal 3: 16:00–20:00
Monday 10th Terminal 2: 11:00–15:00

Terminal 3 (before security):
Salvation Army 11:30–13:30

Terminal 5 (check-in):
Salvation Army 17:30–19:30

Tuesday 11th Terminal 4: 16:00–20:00

Terminal 5 (check-in):
Salvation Army 10:30–13:30

Wednesday 12th Terminal 5: 10:00–14:00
Thursday 13th Terminal 2: 16:00–20:00
Friday 14th Terminal 3: 10:00–14:00
Saturday 15th Terminal 4: 16:00–20:00
Sunday 16th Terminal 3: 10:00–14:00
Monday 17th Terminal 2: 14:00–18:00
Tuesday 18th Terminal 3: 16:00–20:00
Thursday 20th Terminal 5: 13:00–17:00
Friday 21st Terminal 5: 14:00–18:00
Saturday 22nd Terminal 4: 16:00–20:00
Monday 24th Terminal 2: 14:00–18:00

Christmas craft sessions for kids

Craft helper with mobile workshopChildren love our free craft workshops. Just drop in to one of the sessions and our craft helpers will get your young ones started. This Christmas they’ll be decorating biscuits or papier-maché bears – see the timetable below for details.

The ever-popular mobile craft trolley returns for Christmas, too. It’s loaded with activities for little adventurers, and roams the departure lounge. All activities are completely free, and of course, the fun comes to where you are.

Heathrow craft workshops, December 2018

10:00–16:00 (biscuits)

Date Where and when
Monday 10th Terminal 5
10:00–16:00 (biscuits)
Saturday 15th Terminal 3
12:00–18:00 (biscuits)
Sunday 16th Terminal 2
10:00–16:00 (biscuits)
Monday 17th Terminal 5
10:00–16:00 (biscuits)
Thursday 20th Terminal 5
10:00–16:00 (bears)
Friday 21st Terminal 2
10:00–16:00 (bears)
Monday 24th Terminal 3
10:00–16:00 (bears)

Craft workshop locations

  • Terminal 2: Gate level, near the play area
  • Terminal 3: Family Lounge (follow signs to Lounge A)
  • Terminal 5: Gate Level, near Boots and Travelex.

Craft trolley, December 2018

Date Where and when
Friday 7th Terminal 5: 10:00–16:00
Terminal 4: 14:00–20:00
Sunday 9th Terminal 2: 12:00–18:00
Monday 10th Terminal 4: 14:00–20:00
Thursday 13th Terminal 4: 14:00–20:00
Saturday 15th Terminal 2: 14:00–20:00
Wednesday 19th Terminal 4: 14:00–20:00
Terminal 5: 14:00–20:00
Thursday 20th Terminal 2: 14:00–20:00
Sunday 23rd Terminal 4: 14:00–20:00

Christmas with all the trimmings

Hands wrapping a Christmas box with purple ribbon

Gift wrapping

If you’re panicking over present-buying, let us make life a little easier for you. Anything you buy at Heathrow in the run-up to Christmas can be gift-wrapped in return for a donation to our chosen charity. Perfect for last-minute shopping. Or, if you’ll be back before Christmas, why not let us look after your shopping until your return? Just ask in store about our Collect On Return service.

Gift wrap locations are:

  • Terminal 2: Gate Level, near World Duty Free
  • Terminal 3: Information desk (departure lounge)
  • Terminal 4: Information desk (departure lounge)
  • Terminal 5: Gate Level, near Mulberry.

Kids Eat Free

Kids Eat Free with Mr. Adventure

Grab yourself something tasty and your children eat free at selected restaurants between 6th December and 6th January. For details and terms visit