Italian-born, London based Alfredo Salvati creates global sounds, honed from years playing shows in Europe and the UK.

Alfredo Salvati portrait

Alfredo’s musical career started with his attempts to get sounds from a red guitar, found in a second-hand shop in a village south of Rome.

His mother introduced him to the great international music of the 1970s. From his father came an introduction to sophisticated Italian pop. The result is a unique multicultural mix.

“I believe the only way to move forward and become a better person is to always keep in mind where your roots are,” says Alfredo.

Colourshop was born in London from a partnership with his brother Diego.

Though they’re now separated by geography they are still working together, thanks to technology.

The last single, Let Me Show You How, is an intense folky ballad that takes the listener back and forth through time.

Life is full of colours. Pick yours.

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