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Five things we learned in HBBA Series 3

Aerial view of the airfield at Heathrow

As Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport returns for a fourth series, here’s our pick of the best clips from Series 3 (and what we learned from them).

1. Border Force have cash sniffer dogs

Ruby the springer spaniel has a nose for concealed cash. In fact, she once discovered £200,000 in a suitcase. That find earned her a fantastic prize, too …

2. Heathrow firefighters practise on a ‘Frankenjet’

Heathrow’s firefighters have to be ready for anything, so they use this ‘green machine’ for drills. It’s actually made up of parts from different aircraft, including the top deck of a Boeing 747 and the tail-mounted engine from a DC-10.

3. Moving bags is … complicated

Though it is quite hypnotic to watch passengers’ hold baggage glide along the automated system from one conveyor to the next. Especially set to a waltz tune.

4. Freshly delivered aircraft have a ‘new car smell’

That’s according to the engineers preparing a British Airways 787 Dreamliner for its maiden flight to Tokyo.

5. Sometimes it’s all a bit Wayne’s World

It’s dark and cold outside, and we’re on our way to fix the airport’s underground plumbing. Anyone feel the urge to … burst into song?

Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport

Series 4: Wednesdays on ITV1

The documentary cameras return for a behind-the-scenes look at the people who keep Heathrow running. Meet air traffic controllers, sanitation engineers, Border Force officers and front-line Passenger Experience Managers – and share their daily challenges in this ‘city within a city’ where no two days are alike. Tune in on Wednesdays from 2nd May.

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