J.R. Harbidge

James ‘J.R.’ Harbidge was raised in the Black Country, lives in Derbyshire and plays original songs that are pure Americana.

J.R. Harbidge portrait

It’s a gritty, soulful and country-tinged sound with moments of contemplation and political undercurrents.

J.R. himself has namechecked Dylan, Ryan Adams, Jackson Browne and the Eagles as influences.

His 2018 debut album, First Ray OF Light, blends upbeat folky protest songs, melancholy melodies, twangy guitar and deep, soulful harmony. Support comes variously from lap steel guitar, piano, Mellotron, mandolin, Hammond organ, harmonica and orchestral strings.

“Sometimes the only way to get something out is in a song,” J.R. has said. “You can find something positive in a rough situation. If you can write a song, at least you’re perhaps turning it back on itself.”

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