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Q&A – Demi, Passenger Experience Manager

Demi, Passenger Experience Manager - portrait
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After more than 20 years at Heathrow, Demi is the public face of Terminal 2 in more ways than one.

As a Passenger Experience Manager he’s there to save the day when passengers need help.

He’s also a viewer favourite after previous appearances in Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport.

“Every day is different at Heathrow,” says Demi. “I love meeting people from all walks of life.”

And one of those people was particularly memorable: “My wife worked for BMI, and I met her at the airport when I was working for Cyprus Airways.”

What’s the biggest challenge you face at work?

“I would like to go for a promotion but it’s very hard to leave a role that I really love and enjoy. I will have to let go at some point, I guess.”

Top tip for the job?

Never stop believing in your own ability. If you fall – get up, brush yourself down and carry on.

“And always approach your customers with a smile, that’s very powerful. Listen, and just do your best for them, try to go above and beyond. They will appreciate your help.”

Any advice on dealing with medical emergencies?

Be brave, be professional, use your skills and training, work as a team and don’t be scared. It’s worse if you don’t do anything – it may live with you for a long time.

What keeps you motivated?

My work is very personal to me, especially in Terminal 2. I was one of a team of four who were the first operational staff to be employed at the Queen’s Terminal and I am now the only one left. I feel this is ‘my’ terminal, so I give 100%.”

Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport

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The documentary cameras return for a behind-the-scenes look at the people who keep Heathrow running. Meet air traffic controllers, sanitation engineers, Border Force officers and front-line Passenger Experience Managers – and share their daily challenges in this ‘city within a city’ where no two days are alike.

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