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Quiz: Have you been paying attention to HBBA4?

Aerial shot of airfieldAs the fourth series of Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport draws to a close, it’s time to look back at what we’ve learned. Here’s a quick quiz to see if you’ve really been paying attention (or catch up on what you missed). No prizes — it’s just for fun and glory. Answers in the video clips.

1. What’s this?

Wind direction indicator
a) A windglove
b) A windsleeve
c) A windsock.


2. When marshalling an aircraft with ‘ping pong bats’, how would you signal ‘turn right’ to the pilot?

a) Left arm out straight, keep right arm moving
b) Right arm out straight, keep left arm moving
c) Both arms out to right, beckoning with left.


3. Qantas’ QF9 is the longest non-stop flight ever to land at Heathrow. Where does it set out from?

a) Perth
b) Brisbane
c) Melbourne


4. You’re carrying cash into Britain from outside the UK. What’s the limit above which you must declare it?

a) £10,000
b) £7,500
c) £8,800


5. At what time every day does Heathrow switch over the landing and take-off runways?

a) 12:00
b) 13:00
c) 15:00


6. What equipment is used to clear out septic tanks at Heathrow?

a) Berg Blaster
b) Gulley Sucker
c) Tank Buster


7. For which job have British Airways staff been testing a robot?

a) To greet passengers
b) As an aircraft tug
c) To screen baggage


8. How long is Europe’s largest mobile crane (while on the road)?

a) 15 metres (49.2ft)
b) 20 metres (65.6ft)
c) 25 metres (82ft)


9. How much fluid does it take to de-ice the average British Airways aircraft at Heathrow?

a) 100 litres
b) 500 litres
c) 1,000 litres


10. Finally, which actress provided the voiceover for HBBA Series 4?

a) Imelda Staunton
b) Patricia Hodge
c) Sheila Hancock


How did you do?

One point for each correct answer.

0–5: Airfield Apprentice

Running a major airport is a complicated business, so don’t feel too bad. You’re just on a learning journey. Maybe we can interest you in one of our real-life apprenticeships?

6–8: Duty manager

You clearly know your FOD from your FIDs. Have you considered applying to work at Heathrow?

9–10: Plane spotter

Are you sure you don’t work here already? You’re clearly management material ;-).


1b, 2a, 3a, 4c (it’s €10,000 at current exchange rates), 5c (3pm), 6b, 7b, 8a, 9c, 10b.

Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport

The documentary cameras return for a behind-the-scenes look at the people who keep Heathrow running. Meet air traffic controllers, sanitation engineers, Border Force officers and front-line Passenger Experience Managers – and share their daily challenges in this ‘city within a city’ where no two days are alike.

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  1. I love the program having worked on T2 for 3 years building it… but… The LTM1150 as Britain’s largest crane??? Ainscough run a Liebherr LTM1500 at 21.3m long (which was used landslide to take out the footbridge that used to go from the bus station to T1.) City Lifting do have one likely to go Airside which is 20m long but i don’t think it’ll make that bend… (We’ll put it down to artistic licence by ITV?)

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