Portrait seated in front of windowSharlette is a contemporary soulful pop artist and songwriter from London. She has performed with the likes of LeAnn Rimes and Boy George, and can be seen performing the opening song, Make Believe, in the ITV series Endeavour (Series 4, Episode 2).

Sharlette features on DJ/producer Anthony Harm’s track Should’ve Been Me, where her powerful voice and natural vibrato are evident.

With a natural, radio-ready voice — complemented by a strong, elegant stage presence — it comes as no surprise that Sharlette is constantly in demand to perform at festivals. These have included Rye Jazz, Cornbury, Marylebone and coffee festivals in London, Amsterdam and New York.

She’s currently collaborating with artists, producers and songwriters in New York and Los Angeles. In the latest releases, you can hear musical influences ranging from Etta James to Lauryn Hill.

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