Is this the sound of your summer holiday?

Ever heard a song, a voice or a phrase and been instantly transported to another time and place? Then you’ll know the power of sound to trigger a long-lost memory.

We asked sound-artist Nick Ryan to take you on a sonic journey around the world and help banish the winter blues. So headphones on, eyes closed and listen after the break – then let us know if he succeeded.

Waves lapping on golden beaches, food sizzling on a grill, street music and swimming pools – all these evocative sounds can be heard in Sound Escapes.

The work was inspired by Nick’s travels, the nation’s favourite holiday destinations, and more than 50 hours of recordings submitted by Heathrow passengers.

According to Nick, every destination has its own sonic fingerprint: “Reliving our journeys through sound takes us deeper into our memories. Every place, and every city, sounds unique and different to each of us.”

In all, the soundtrack features more than 30 sounds from 13 locations. As well as cities you’ll hear the sounds of airports and departing aircraft that signal the start of a holiday.

So if you’re struggling to deal with a dreary British January, maybe Sound Escapes is just what you need to take you away from it all.

Or, of course, you could just plan a holiday 😉

Did it work for you? What did you hear? What holiday sounds have we missed? Let us know in the comments.

Nick Ryan with recording equipment

About the artist

Nick Ryan is a composer and audio specialist who has worked in film, motion graphics, TV, radio and more. He is a Bafta award-winner and was nominated for an Emmy in 2017.

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